"NISD Brides of India Season-2" Fashion Showcase Dazzles in Bari Brahmana, Jammu and Kashmir - Spotlight on Latest News and Tourism

"NISD Beauty & Designing Institute, Jammu, Shines with Glorious 'NISD Brides of India, Season-2' Fashion Extravaganza at Bari Brahmana

"NISD Brides of India Season-2" Fashion Showcase Dazzles in Bari Brahmana, Jammu and Kashmir - Spotlight on Latest News and Tourism
Fashion Showcase Dazzles

Jammu witnessed a momentous occasion as the NISD Beauty & Designing Institute achieved a significant milestone with the dazzling presentation of "NISD Brides of India, Season-2." The splendid fashion show, held at Bari Brahmana, showcased the incredible talents of NISD students specializing in the art of makeup and brought forth confident models who graced the runway, captivating an enthusiastic audience representing every district of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Bridal Event, which saw spirited participation from individuals aged 18 to 50, was graced by Anoo Malhotra, Secretary of the Social Welfare Department, J&K, who honored the event as the chief guest. Dr. Manmeet Singh, Chairman of Ranjit Education Trust, Jammu, graced the occasion as the guest of honor. Special guests included Shwetima Jamwal, RJ at 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi, and Sidharth Mahajan, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach & Influencer.

NISD Beauty & Designing Institute has emerged as a beacon of empowerment for women in J&K, fostering skill development in the realms of makeup artistry and fashion designing. The institute's unwavering commitment to nurturing creativity and expertise has wrought transformative effects, enriching the capacities of women in these creative domains.

In the realm of makeup artistry, NISD offers a comprehensive platform for women to refine their skills under the mentorship of seasoned professionals. The institute's curriculum spans from fundamental techniques to advanced applications, instilling not only skills but also bolstering self-assurance, enabling women to unleash their artistic potential.

Likewise, NISD's structured fashion designing program encompasses the entire spectrum of fashion creation, delivering practical insights and theoretical understanding. The institute's holistic approach places significant emphasis on entrepreneurial skills and business acumen, equipping women to proficiently craft and market their designs.

The success stories of NISD graduates stand as living testimonials to the institute's effectiveness. Graduates have not only become adept professionals but also visionary entrepreneurs, contributing substantially to the progress of their respective industries.

Manju Bala, Director of NISD Beauty & Designing Institute, underscored the monumental significance of this endeavor. The showcase provided a grand platform for students and models alike, magnificently displaying their talents while nurturing their confidence."

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