Triumphant Journey of Snapdragon in the World of Soccer

A Remarkable Experience at Snapdragon Stadium: Manchester United vs. Wrexham AFC

Triumphant Journey of Snapdragon in the World of Soccer
A Remarkable Experience at Snapdragon Stadium

A captivating spectacle unfolded at San Diego's Snapdragon Stadium as I had the privilege to witness a local "friendly" match between the renowned Manchester United and Wrexham AFC. This exhibition match marked a significant chapter in Manchester United's tour of the United States, enthralling audiences in stadiums across the nation.

Qualcomm extended an invitation to this event, showcasing the depth of its partnerships with both San Diego State University (SDSU) and Manchester United. This event not only highlighted Qualcomm's collaboration with sporting giants but also underscored the impressive growth of the Snapdragon brand in recent years under the leadership of Qualcomm CMO, Don McGuire. In an insightful conversation with McGuire, we delved into various aspects of the Snapdragon brand, its affiliations with teams like Manchester United, and notable programs such as the Snapdragon Insiders, boasting over 12 million members.

**Qualcomm's Dynamic Journey with the Snapdragon Brand and Sports Collaborations**

Since joining Qualcomm in 2016 and assuming the role of CMO in 2021, Don McGuire has been dedicated to fortifying and elevating the Snapdragon brand. Originating within the company's application processor business, Snapdragon has evolved into a comprehensive umbrella brand encompassing an array of consumer-oriented technologies such as smartphones, automotive, drones, wearables, robotics, PCs, and XR. The Snapdragon brand has become a premium addition for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to enhance the value proposition of their products. A prime example is Samsung, which globally features "Snapdragon for Galaxy" branding across its phones and tablets.

While Qualcomm has previously partnered with sporting events like Formula One and Formula E, these collaborations solely featured the Qualcomm brand. A similar occurrence took place at what was formerly known as Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego – the historic home of the Padres baseball team and former San Diego Chargers. However, this venue was transformed into Snapdragon Stadium, marking a new era.

**A Landmark Partnership with Football Powerhouse Manchester United**

Among Qualcomm's latest triumphs is its partnership with Manchester United, a stalwart of the English Premier League. This alliance, nearing its one-year anniversary, was carefully forged in collaboration with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), a prominent player in the media industry. The objective is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship wherein Qualcomm amplifies brand awareness among Manchester United's extensive fan base, while the football club undergoes a digital transformation facilitated by Qualcomm. The five-year partnership encompasses plans to enhance the digital infrastructure of the revered Old Trafford stadium, incorporating Qualcomm's expertise alongside local IT specialists to elevate both the historic venue and the club's training facility.

This venture not only solidifies Qualcomm's prowess as a technological leader but also underscores its commitment to enriching the world of sports through innovative collaborations and transformative initiatives.

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