Encounter Surat's Wealthiest Individual Worth Rs 12,000 Crore: Grandson Once a Laborer, Generously Bestows Flats to Employees

Savji Dholakia, Surat's Wealthiest Individual, Empowers Employees with Lavish Diwali Gifts; Grandson's Humble Work Experience Revealed

Encounter Surat's Wealthiest Individual Worth Rs 12,000 Crore: Grandson Once a Laborer, Generously Bestows Flats to Employees
Savji Dholakia, Empowers Employees with Lavish Diwali Gifts

Savji Dholakia, a renowned diamond merchant and Surat's wealthiest resident with an estimated net worth of approximately Rs 12,000 crore, has gained recognition for his annual tradition of bestowing extravagant gifts upon his staff during Diwali celebrations. Despite his substantial wealth, Dholakia's grandson was not exempt from experiencing the realities of common labor.

Upon Ruvin Dholakia's return from his educational pursuits in the United States, his grandfather, Savji Dholakia, deemed it crucial for him to comprehend the daily challenges faced by their workforce. This aspiration led to Ruvin's journey to Chennai, where Savji believed that real-life experiences could outshine the teachings of any business school.

Ruvin Dholakia's phone was temporarily relinquished, and he was provided with a modest allowance of Rs 6,000 for unforeseen circumstances.

Embarking on a diverse range of roles, Ruvin first served as a salesperson at a garment store for nine days, followed by an eight-day stint at an eatery, and then worked for another nine days at a watch outlet. Additionally, he spent two days as a laborer.

His compensation for these efforts was a mere Rs 200 per day, and his perseverance was tested with a total of 200 rejections. Despite the challenges, he managed to accumulate a tip of Rs 27, ultimately amassing Rs 8,600 in earnings.

Savji Dholakia's lineage links to his brother, Savjibhai, and he was born into a farmer's family in Amerli. Departing from formal education at the age of 13, he delved into his uncle's diamond enterprise in Surat, later establishing his own diamond business alongside his siblings in 1984. By 2014, their enterprise employed a workforce of 6,500 individuals.

In recognition of his contributions, Dholakia was honored with the prestigious Padma Shri award by the Government of India in 2022.

Year after year, Dholakia remains in the spotlight for his opulent Diwali offerings to his employees. His generous gestures have included the gifting of 400 flats and 1,260 cars as Diwali bonuses to his dedicated staff.

Surpassing Rs 50 crore in annual incentives, Dholakia's offerings extend to cars and fixed deposits during the festive season. These lavish rewards are designed to acknowledge and motivate employees who meet their performance targets, often including jewelry as part of the package.

Elaborating on his philosophy, Dholakia once expressed, "Acquiring one's first car marks a significant milestone in anyone's life. Granting it as an incentive inspires my workforce to excel, enhancing their lifestyles and bringing joy to their families. Ultimately, this symbiotic relationship benefits both the employees and the company."

This heartwarming tale sheds light on Dholakia's commitment to nurturing his workforce and imparting valuable life lessons to the next generation, transcending mere business success.

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